My name is Wafir, and I'm a technology entrepreneur solving primary healthcare access in the Middle East. After a two-year stint at Mercedes India, I left to pursue my true passion - consumer internet.

I launched Fidoc in the UAE to bring online thousands of doctors in the region, and provide patients with a seamless doctor-booking experience. Today, we serve over half a million patients annually.

Along the way, I also started Mabel, a salon-booking platform which quickly gained traction to become the largest in the UAE. After a great learning curve personally and professionally, Mabel was fully acquired by Parasol Software.

I love building products that solve a pain point, and take a keen interest in all facets of product management. A beginner self-taught coder (thank you, StackOverflow!), I dabble in projects that help me with everyday things - whether it's coding an Arduino board and motion sensor to light up my room, or creating tools to extract football data (FPL) and predict player performance.

I love the outdoors - always looking for a trek out into the wild, or the desert. Also very into spy novels and covert operations - I've probably read every book out there on the Mossad. An avid poker player, I tend to make life decisions by calculating probabilities. Currently learning French as I will be pursuing my MBA at HEC Paris this fall (coup-de-grâce!).

Would be happy to chat about one or all of the above. Reach out to me on wafir[dot]manakad[symbol for at]gmail